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How to correctly mount your tires

Mounting on rims

Mount tires on rims of the correct size and in good condition.

For flat rims (with circles):

  • Tubeless: mount the tire with a new sealing ring.
  • With tube: mount the tire with new equipment (tube and flap).


For locked seat rims (without circles):

  • Install new valve seal.
    Accurately center the tire on the rim.

Circle rims or rims with several elements:

  • Check that all elements match and are in good condition.
    Warning: There is a high risk of serious injury or death if a circle is projected.


Twin tires:

  • Check that the size, brand, type, wear and pressure of both twin tires are strictly identical and suited to service
    conditions to avoid damage and abnormal wear.


Check that the rim and all parts are clean. Remove rust and paint lightly, if required.
A Metro tire that has been dismantled, for any reason, must never be refitted.