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Michelin 305/70 R22 XPMA TL

High load capacity combined with a small footprint. Optimized adherence, endurance and comfort. Monoblock wheel mount for optimized seat diameter and improved safety.

  • Load capacity
  • Wet grip
  • Summit endurance

Load tire with 100% textile tops, a 0 ° BAZ that surrounds the tire granting it with exceptional endurance and comfort. Thanks to optimized laminating, it represents a good compromise between adherence and mileage performance.

Weight Indicative (kg) 45
Capacity Internal (l) 113
Type Wheel 8.5 x 22
Load Nominal (kg) 5600
Pressure Nominal (bars) 11.5
Width Crown (mm) 220
Depth Tread (mm) 8.9
Section Free (mm) 292
Crushed (mm) 322
Radius Free (mm) 503
Crushed (mm) 460
Diameter Free (mm) 1006
Circumference Rolling (mm) 3098

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