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Michelin 345/85 R16 X METRO TL

Good load capacity. Optimum level of grip on wet ground thanks to a large number of slats. Very good level of comfort and excellent form of wear.

  • Wet grip
  • Form of wear
  • Endurance

Load tire with large multi-layer textile top for increased endurance and comfort. It offers optimum wet grip performances thanks to an optimized blade system, and offers an excellent form of wear thanks to a crown block with a 0 ° belt.

Weight Indicative (kg) 58.5
Capacity Internal (l) 150
Type Wheel 16 - 9.00 V
Load Nominal (kg) 5600
Pressure Nominal (bars) 11.5
Width Crown (mm) 218
Depth Tread (mm) 8.9
Section Free (mm) 322
Crushed (mm) 362
Radius Free (mm) 503
Crushed (mm) 458
Diameter Free (mm) 1005
Circumference Rolling (mm) 3094

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